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Leisure facilities will return

A temporary gym and fitness suite with thirty fitness stations is rising from the flood water of our flagship sports centre, just five weeks after loss adjustors described the damage as catastrophic.

Ou customers had to evacuate leisure@cheltenham on Friday 20 July as flood water began pouring from the nearby lake into the centre. Fire services had to close off the immediate area because of the threat of chemical explosion as gas tanks. At its highest, the torrent of water reached levels of five feet across the leisure centre’s ground floor. After a 24-hour operation to pump out water, fire crews made the building safe for council staff to begin assessing the damage.

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At last, 15 days later, our water is safe to drink


We have just received a fax from Severn Trent saying that boiled tap water is now safe to drink

They say that results from intensive quality sampling and testing confirm that restored tap water supplies are now safe to drink provided it is boiled before use.

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All homes now re-connected

The latest from Severn Trent is that all homes in Gloucestershire have now been re-connected with a non-drinkable mains supply.

Martin Kane, Severn Trent’s director of customer services:

We must continue to remind customers that any restored supplies must not be used for drinking, even after boiling. But it’s perfectly safe to use for showering, bathing, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

…Meanwhile, we are sampling tap water intensively over the weekend and beyond to ensure we can get customers back onto a drinkable supply as soon as possible next week.

As always, please take a look at our page, emergency water supplies for locations of bowsers and bottles and when the water supplies return, for what we can and can’t yet do with the clear stuff.

Latest news about water quality

For the time being Severn Trent cannot guarantee the water safety. The situation is unprecedented; the system has never been drained down before. In the circumstances the water company is being cautious; the water coming out of the taps looks clean enough but that doesn’t mean it is safe. For the time being the best advice is to follow the information on our page, when the water supplies return – and do not drink the tap water even after boiling.

Bottled water distribution in Cheltenham

Useful advice for when the water returns

Remember that the returning water isn’t yet drinkable quality. Severn Trent advise:

We must remind customers that when water is restored, it must not be used for drinking, even after boiling. It’s perfectly safe to use for showering, bathing, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

We’ve published some useful advice on our page, when water supplies return. Bottle and bowser water will continue to be available.

Council staff give out bottled water at B&Q car park, Cheltenham

Don’t drink the water yet

Just a quick reminder, please read our page when water supplies return.

Service with a smile

Cheltenham Borough Council staff helping distribute bottled water at B&Q - service with a smile :)

Remember to read our information page, when the water supplies return.

When the water first returns it is not fit to drink. Our bottled water distribution centres will continue to operate, and of course, the Severn Trent bowsers are still out there in our community (see our emergency water supplies page)

Are we going to get our water back today?

Here’s the latest from Martin Kane, Severn Trent’s director of customer services:

Today, engineers are switching attention to Cheltenham and neighbouring areas such as Brockworth, Upton, Matson and Fox Elms and are hopeful they will have these areas reconnected within the next 24 hours.

He also added the following:

We must remind customers that when water is restored, it must not be used for drinking, even after boiling. It’s perfectly safe to use for showering, bathing, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

Remember to read our advice page, when the water supplies return.

When water supplies return

If everything goes to plan it looks like the water supplies for Cheltenham will return on on Tuesday 31 July.

Read our advice page, when water supplies return.

Spread the word

Three things to remember today:

1. If you get the chance, turn off your mains water supply at the stop-cock

This will prevent the sudden return to mains water pressure from causing any leaks as the water powers into your domestic pipes (the stop cock is usually located under the sink, turn it off clockwise). Obviously, make sure all taps are closed, then turn the water on slowly once the mains water has returned.

However, if you cannot follow this advice, do not worry. The chances are that most people will have very few problems as the mains pressure returns.

2. The water that returns initially is not safe to drink

It cannot be used for drinking, food preparation or cleaning teeth even after boiling. We will let you know once it is safe to treat as normal.

3. Inform your neighbours, especially the elderly

Please pass on the advice above. Take time to check on any elderly relatives or neighbours and help them with these simple instructions.

Headlines from the over weekend

Bottled water awaiting distribution to the Cheltenham community

keeping safe at home

Here’s a long, but useful, list of do’s and don’ts to help keep you and your family safe at home.

What to do right now

Bottled water or boiled bowser water remains the only safe source of drinking water until further notice.

The water supply in Cheltenham is expected to be back on tap early this week. As soon as we know for certain it’s safe to drink, we will be letting you know through this website.

In the meantime, please make sure all your taps are turned off to avoid your bathroom and kitchen being flooded, and to help with Severn Trent’s cleansing operation when the supply is restored.

What to do when the water supply returns

Do use the water for flushing toilets, bathing and taking a shower.

Do not

  • drink the water – even after boiling it
  • use the water for food preparation or washing dishes
  • use the water for ice making
  • use for cleaning your teeth
  • use for making baby feeds

Read on for lots of useful tips about electricity, gas and telephone services, plus advice on cleaning up after flooding.

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Before the water returns on tap

We have amended these instructions in light of some additional information. Our updated instructions are available in a more recent news post.

Latest news from Severn Trent

Andy Smith, Severn Trent’s director of water services:

Significant progress was made yesterday when an intensive testing and commissioning process made sure all damaged and flooded equipment was operational and fully repaired.

He goes on to say:

Wider areas of Tewkesbury will begin to get water over the next 24 hours, but for the majority of homes in Gloucester and Cheltenham, reconnection is still several days away.

The message is still: If you find water in your taps, please do not drink it, even after boiling.

Some water in Charlton Kings?

We’ve had a comment from David in Charlton Kings, saying that there has been a steady trickle of water in the taps there this morning.

No confirmed news from anywhere else, but if you are finding that water is returning, please let us know by using the comments link (above) on this news post.

We must also stress that it is important to heed these words from Andy Smith, water services director at Severn Trent:

I need to be very clear about the instructions: you should not drink the tap water, even after boiling.

We are still assuming that it will be some time before supplies are fully restored.

As always, please check our emergency water supplies page for the latest information.

Stories of good will

The news stories we’re hearing about vandalism of bowsers and the theft of water are pretty disheartening. However, there are feelings of good will and kind gestures going on amongst them Take, for example, some elderly neighbours in Hester’s way. Seeing that a 25 year old woman and her children were struggling to get water from empty bowsers they offered some from their supply that had been delivered to them. The council is prioritising the delivery of water to those who are elderly and vulnerable but clearly a little sharing is going on in the community.

Todays top stories as Cheltenham copes with the water shortage

Food safety inspections continue throughout

There have been concerns expressed about food safety in businesses that are open despite having no water supply. Please be assured that inspections are being carried out daily and nightly by the council’s food safety team. Most businesses are complying with hygiene standards voluntarily but if you do have a complaint or worry then call us on 01242 262626 and they will be looked into.

Alternatively, if you are a business looking for information then please read about the crisis team set up for businesses hit by the flooding.

Tips for coping with water shortages

There’s a wealth of useful advice now available. We’ve compiled a short list below.

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