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Hidden heroes, Rose from Longlevens

Rose lives in Cyprus Gardens, Longlevens, Gloucester. She was flooded earlier in July. Her home had just dried out and the builders were in when she was flooded again. She was on holiday at the time and came home at the height of the crisis to find she had lost everything, the flood water came through the letter box and there was a layer of mud in the house.

However, Rose says it was all a matter of degree as she did not have any sewage in the house like some of her neighbours! Rose had been on holiday, but went back to work as expected the following Monday wearing her wellies to look after vulnerable people and remained at her post for several days before the impact of her own personal disaster got the better of her.

Gloucestershire County Council Carers continued to work throughout the emergency often overcoming the worst of the floods to reach some of the county’s most vulnerable residents.

On a day-to-day basis, they carry out their jobs without fuss and away from the glare of publicity yet never was their dedication more needed.

Remember our how to help page if you think you can help someone, and please visit the Gloucestershire flood relief fund website if you can make a donation.

Cheltenham floods 20-07-2007

Sandford Park lido opens today

Whilst our own leisure facilities are being repaired we know there are lots of you out there desperate for a good local pool. Well, the lido re-opens today after an extensive refit. It’s a wonderful piece of local history and well worth supporting.

As it says on the lido website:

The lido is a great day out in the heart of Cheltenham, on the edge of the Cotswolds. It is a children’s paradise with slides, a children’s pool and a paddling pool. Our 50 metre pool is also an ideal place to train, two lanes are reserved most days.

We wish them every success.

Sandford Park Lido main pool

How to help

If you want to help those recovering from the effects of the flood, please check out our new how to help page.

flooded basement

Jim Schiro, the head of Zurich Global comes to see Cheltenham’s flood damaged leisure facilities

Just this afternoon, Jim Schiro the chief executive of Zurich Global came to see Cheltenham’s flood damaged leisure facilities for himself. Zurich are the council’s insurer, and Jim Schiro came over from America especially to see how the facilities had suffered. Earlier in the day he visited the Zurich office at The Grange in Cheltenham, itself badly affected.

Graham Annand Zurich’s major loss manager and Andrew North the council’s chief executive accompany Jim Schiro.
The head of Zurich Global visits the damaged leisure facilities

Jim Schiro looking down on the flood damage as the media look on.
The head of Zurich Global visits the damaged leisure facilities

Everyone remembers this image from less than three weeks ago.
leisure@cheltenham our flooded leisure facilities in Cheltenham

Did you suffer flooding like this?

Flooding in Cheltenham

We’d like a definitive list of every property affected

The flood waters may have gone, the tap water may be almost back to normal, we’ve all come through the other side. Surprisingly, the one thing we do not have is a definitive list of all the properties affected by the flood. Some had a trickle inside, some were completely gutted, it’s important that we know who was affected. We have a list of all the calls we received for advice and sandbags – but it is not comprehensive.

If your property was damaged, it would be very helpful if you could email us, giving the address of the property, your name, and contact details including a daytime telephone number and forwarding address (if appropriate). We will contact you and arrange to visit you at the flood-damaged property.

Did you have a membership for leisure@cheltenham?

By now everyone should have received a letter about monthly and annual memberships for leisure@cheltenham and how these have been affected by the closure of our flood damaged leisure facilities. Just in case you didn’t get a copy, we provide the letters below. A big thank you to everyone for their kind words of support.

  1. Download the letter about annual memberships
  2. Download the letter about monthly memberships

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Cheltenham’s volunteer centre helping with water distribution

The volunteer centre has been at the heart of the town’s efforts to overcome the extreme effects of the floods. More than two hundred volunteers and staff members worked together to deliver bottled water to vulnerable people. They also provided transport for those people needing medical assistance. The support was provided day and night and is still continuing.

Cheltenham's Mayor visiting the volunteer centre

Continue reading ‘Cheltenham’s volunteer centre helping with water distribution’

The latest news about leisure@cheltenham

With lots of enquiries coming in about our flood damaged leisure facilities we’re trying to pull together information and give a formal announcement about where we are right now.

At the moment we’re trying to get the running track and a few facilities that support it open, perhaps in a couple of weeks time. The rest of the centre was very badly damaged and will take a long time to recover. The video below shows the moment the machine room flooded. This is the room that houses all the pumps and filters that support the swimming pool, it finished up under twenty five feet of water.

The video below shows the same machine room being pumped out a few days later.

leisure@cheltenham our flooded leisure facilities in Cheltenham

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Normal service will be resumed…

Things are slowly getting back to normal here at the council. The emergency planning rooms are winding down, the plans have been rolled up and the chairs empty. People are slowly returning to their regular jobs. However we are still heavily involved in distributing bottled water 8am to 8pm and answering queries and keeping everyone informed. And of course, like everyone else, awaiting the message about water quality.

From today our normal contact number 01242 262626 will be back to 9am to 5pm operation, although at the moment this line will also be open over the weekend. Out of those hours the recorded message will give details of our duty officer’s mobile number.

Cheltenham Borough Council emergency planning room

BBC Points West film leisure@cheltenham

BBC Points West visited leisure@cheltenham today to see the damage caused by the floods. leisure@cheltenham manager, Stephen Petherick gave the film crew a tour and did an interview about the effects of the flooding.

Cheltenham's flood damaged leisure facilities

Cheltenham's flood damaged leisure facilities

Latest news about water quality

For the time being Severn Trent cannot guarantee the water safety. The situation is unprecedented; the system has never been drained down before. In the circumstances the water company is being cautious; the water coming out of the taps looks clean enough but that doesn’t mean it is safe. For the time being the best advice is to follow the information on our page, when the water supplies return – and do not drink the tap water even after boiling.

Bottled water distribution in Cheltenham

Jack and Malcolm delivering water to elderly residents in Cheltenham

The pictures and video below show two of our council depot staff delivering water to elderly residents around Cheltenham. Our depot staff have been a vital link in the supply and a friendly face for many these past few days. The oldest person they deliver to is 104!

Cheltenham Borough Council staff loading up bottled water

Cheltenham Borough Council staff delivering bottled water to elderly residents

Useful advice for when the water returns

Remember that the returning water isn’t yet drinkable quality. Severn Trent advise:

We must remind customers that when water is restored, it must not be used for drinking, even after boiling. It’s perfectly safe to use for showering, bathing, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

We’ve published some useful advice on our page, when water supplies return. Bottle and bowser water will continue to be available.

Council staff give out bottled water at B&Q car park, Cheltenham

Service with a smile

Cheltenham Borough Council staff helping distribute bottled water at B&Q - service with a smile :)

Remember to read our information page, when the water supplies return.

When the water first returns it is not fit to drink. Our bottled water distribution centres will continue to operate, and of course, the Severn Trent bowsers are still out there in our community (see our emergency water supplies page)

A letter from the Queen

A letter from the Queen

Tour around Cheltenham’s flood damaged leisure facilities

The images and video below show Stephen Petherick the commercial manager of leisure@cheltenham touring the darkened corridors of the flood damaged leisure centre. The insurance inspectors who visited a couple of days ago described it as one of the worst hit facilities in the region. Everything is now coated in a fine layer of silt, and on the walls a tide mark that shows the extent of the water. Sprung wooden floors are bowed and distorted and equipment lies scattered where it settled when the flood waters receded.

Everyone would like to thank the wonderful community around the centre, the residents of Hudson Street, Manser Street and Tommy Taylors Lane who provided food and drinks during the night of the flood and the period afterwards. Their support has been brilliant.

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Thank you

A thank you letter from someone who took refuge in Pittville Pump Room during on 20/21 July

The Mayor praises the town’s effort

Cheltenham’s Mayor, Councillor John Rawson, said today,

The whole town has come together to cope with this crisis in a quite amazing way. Hundreds of people have given their time unstintingly to help their neighbours and their local community by distributing water, filling sandbags, supporting frail and disabled people, and in dozens of other ways. I am extremely grateful for the terrific work the Cheltenham volunteer centre has done to encourage and co-ordinate voluntary effort. I am also immensely proud of our council employees who have worked long hours to delver the services people need and to keep the public informed.

The Mayor continued,

These are difficult times for Cheltenham residents, but our strong sense of community has helped us come through. I have spoken to many residents, especially at the water distribution points, who couldn’t be more grateful for the help and support they have received.


Catastrophic damage at leisure@cheltenham

We’ve just heard that loss adjustors called in by the council to assess the damage from last week’s flooding have spoken of ‘catastrophic damage’ at leisure@cheltenham.

leisure@cheltenham our flooded leisure facilities in Cheltenham

At a meeting with council officers yesterday, loss adjustors said that, of all the public services and sites they had visited across the region, leisure@cheltenham has suffered the worst damage they had seen.

Continue reading ‘Catastrophic damage at leisure@cheltenham’

Council staff helping distribute water at one of our collection points


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