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Thank you

Thank you

Please pass on my thanks to all the staff, volunteers who worked during the floods, particularly at the Pittville Pump Room. My son, his friends and I were made very comfortable, fed and watered and given a floor for the night when we got stranded on our way home from Weymouth. The staff and volunteers were calm and efficient, giving information as it became available. The girls and boys from London en route to an outdoor trip were a credit to their school/group.
Many thanks again and I hope that your are nearing normality!

Mayor to hold reception for flood heroes

The Mayor of Cheltenham, John Rawson, is holding a reception to thank ‘local heroes’ who helped people get through the flooding emergency.

Read the story in the Echo.

A nice letter in the Echo

We would like to say a big thankyou to B&Q staff and all those people who contributed to the success of the B&Q operation.

Read the full letter in the Echo.

Cheltenham Borough Council staff help distribute water at B&Q

When the council met the Cheltenham Sunrise Rotary club

Bob Gower of the Cheltenham Sunrise Rotary club invited Cheltenham Borough Council’s Rob Bell and Phil Judge to a catch up meeting at Cheltenham Cricket Club on the recent flooding problems and how we had all worked together.

When they got there they found it was much more than a just catch up meeting. All four presidents of the local Rotary clubs were there in a packed meeting room to make a presentation for all the work put in by the council teams during the flooding.

Bob Gower of Rotary praised our rest centre team,

for the calm and comforting way they dealt with the rescued

Bob went on to thank the depot water distribution team for managing the crisis with,

flexibility, encouragement and efficiency

Our own Phil Judge said,

Rotary responded magnificently to the crisis. On the Friday night of the flooding I contacted Bob as I was told he may have contacts that could supply dry clothing for the people in our rest centre. He turned up in an hour with five large bags of new clothes purchased from Matalan.

Thank you


There are lots of stories…

An elderly gentleman walked into the municipal offices, went up to the main reception desk and asked if he could speak to a member of the emergency planning team.

The members of the team are all back at their regular jobs trying to pull things back to normal and cope with the usual things that come by each day but a member of the team was called down and after a few minutes they arrived at the desk.

The gentleman leaned forward on his stick:

I just wanted to say thank you. Each day someone delivered a pack of water on my doorstep. I only made one phone call and after that there was water every day. Thank you.

That made a lot of people smile.

There are lots of thank yous and lots of people to thank. If you have a story please share it here, just use the comment link above each news post. We plan to keep posting here as long as it takes to help Cheltenham get back to normal. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Thank you card

I would really like to thank everybody involved with the awful water shortage etc. which we have all just experienced. I have a husband who is disabled, so I rang the Chelt. council to get the water delivered. It was carried out so well, and we were very pleased.

Severn Trent says thanks to the community

Tony Wray, Severn Trent Water’s managing director:

We at Severn Trent recognise that many communities in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire have suffered significantly during this period. Therefore we have decided to make available up to £3.5 million to support those communities in recovering from this incident…

Severn Trent will be working with the local authorities to determine how to make best use of this money. We believe that a contribution such as this will be of long term benefit to all in the community.

Interesting reading…

Thank you

A thank you letter from someone who took refuge in Pittville Pump Room during on 20/21 July

Thank you

There was a good atmosphere at our water distribution centres over the weekend. We’ve heard of lots of stories like this, so we’ll let Sarah’s words speak for everyone here.

(normally Sarah works as a research and development officer here at the council)

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