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Supplies of water coming in all the time

The photo below shows a huge supply of bottled water at North Place car park, Cheltenham late this afternoon. Up to six big bottles were being given out per person. There’s plenty of water available around the town but if you know of a location that isn’t mentioned on the Severn Trent website please use our comments link to spread the word around our community. If you have elderly neighbours please take the time to check they are OK. Even a single bottle of water is quite a weight to carry any distance.

For location of water supplies, follow the link to emergency water supplies above.

Bottled water available for collection

Please share your stories and thoughts with us

We would love to hear your own stories, please use the comments link at the top of each news post.

Location of water supplies

For location of water supplies, follow the link to emergency water supplies above.

People queuing in Cheltenham for water

People queuing at Sainsbury’s in Prior’s Road, Cheltenham for bottled water.

People queuing in Cheltenham for water

People queuing in Cheltenham for water

People queuing in Cheltenham for water

Good advice about health and hygene

Cheltenham Borough Council is advising residents affected by flooding to take precautions to protect their health.

Continue reading ‘Good advice about health and hygene’

Useful insurance advice

Useful advice below to help those worst affected.

Continue reading ‘Useful insurance advice’

The sign says it all

How the loss of mains water is affecting our local businesses. However there is plenty of water to go around, and we’ll keep you updated with the locations.

Cheltenham loses it’s mains water supply.

Recycle and reuse your plastic bottles

Please don’t throw away your plastic water bottles when done. Recycle them, or better still, hold on to them for when you need to collect water from a water bowser (mini water tanker).

Follow the emergency water supplies link above for the latest news.

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown…

Don’t let your loo get blocked up with toilet paper or wipes. Take a tip from our environmental health team and use nappy bags for the waste paper, placing them in black bin bags when done.

More tips to come.

Water bowsers

We are assured by the emergency services that bowsers are being located throughout the borough. Many are already in place. Visit the Severn Trent Water website for a full and regularly updated list of emergency water supply locations.

Today’s priority, the distribution of bottled water

Today’s priority for Cheltenham Borough Council’s emergency team is to co-ordinate the distribution of free bottled water from various sites in Cheltenham.

The army are responsible for delivery to the sites and council staff will be assisting with distribution. The police will also be on hand to ensure people collect the water safely.

Details of the exact locations will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Follow the emergency water supplies link at the top of this page for the latest news.

Local event cancelled

Due to the present circumstances, Cheltenham Borough Council has cancelled the Nightfly Disco on Friday 27 July at Pittville Pump Room. Box Office staff will contact ticket holders and inform them of the cancellation, but it would be appreciated if you could make public this information as soon as possible.

As of this moment, all other Town Hall and Pittville Pump Room events this week are to go ahead as scheduled.

Cheltenham floods on YouTube

Bath Road, Cheltenham town centre on Friday 20 July 2007 when the River Chelt burst it’s banks.

Blogging from the bunker!

Well, not quite the bunker, actually we’re in the Pittville and Montpellier meeting rooms here at the Municipal Offices in the middle of Cheltenham. A hive of activity, maps, whiteboards and staff from across our organisation all working together to solve immediate problems and make sure that everyone is safe and well informed. Scroll down this page to find all the latest information.

Emergency planning

Update on water supplies

Follow the emergency water supplies link above for the latest news.

Update to council staff

It is still ‘business as usual’ this morning and we are asking all staff to come to work as normal providing it is safe for you to do so.

There is no water in the Municipal Offices this morning but we have power as normal.  We have a bowser at the back of the building which is providing a supply of water for flushing the toilets.  We will have a supply of bottled water coming up from the depot for drinking. 

The depot and other offices will be in the same situation with power but no water so a good idea to come prepared with some drinking water.  

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Arcade visit with Christmas decorations

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