‘I am proud of the community spirit in Cheltenham’

This is the message from councillor Rob Garnham, deputy leader of the council.

Following the flooding and water shortages, Cheltenham Borough Council has had an overwhelming response from members of the public with offers of help.

The council would like to thank everybody who has come forward and this is their advice on the best way you can help.

Chris Huckle, deputy chief executive, who is part of the council’s emergency team says:

The best thing at this time is for people to support their neighbours, ensuring they have enough drinking water and other essential supplies. There are now 330 bowsers in various locations around Cheltenham so check on your neighbours and see if they need you to get some water for them.

If any further, more specific help is needed by the council, they will be contacting those who have phoned in and will also put out an urgent plea for help through the local media and on the flood blog, a link to which is on the council’s website www.cheltenham.gov.uk

The main message at the moment is for people not to panic and to support each other.


1 Response to “‘I am proud of the community spirit in Cheltenham’”

  1. 1 Fiona 25 July 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Yeah, really proud of the idiots who thought it would be funny to empty and vandalise the bowsers in St. Paul’s area.

    Why can’t we all pull together no matter what age or back ground?

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