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Council staff helping distribute water at one of our collection points


Please use your toilet, not your refuse bin

The Army is distributing more bowser water over the weekend to ease sanitation problems.

Reports have reached the council’s emergency planning team of some people disposing of human excrement in their refuse bins. Barbara Exley, the council’s service manager for public protection, said:

We recognise that everyone is coping under extraordinary circumstances but this practice is simply unacceptable. It would mean that any vehicle that had been contaminated and needed maintenance would have to be steam-cleaned before the repairs could start. The consequent delays could seriously disrupt the collection service.

The lack of a running water supply is causing the community serious difficulties with sanitation. However, we are assured that more water is coming into the county and the bowsers are now being filled more regularly.

Barbara Exley continued:

Our advice is to use bowser or flood water to flush toilets. If you don’t really need to flush the toilet every time then don’t. There are no health implications from not flushing after every visit. In order to flush, make sure you fill the cistern rather than the pan with water. One way to reduce the volume of the water in the cistern and so reduce the quantity needed for each flush, is to fill a suitable plastic bottle with water and place it in the cistern.

Gloucestershire flood relief fund

The Mayor of Gloucester has launched the Gloucestershire flood relief fund for those affected by the recent situation. The Mayor of Cheltenham, Councillor John Rawson has given his full backing to the appeal.

Update (03-08-2007) – Applications to the fund can now be made.

  1. Download the Gloucestershire flood relief fund guidelines
  2. Download the Gloucestershire flood relief fund application form

Collecting water from downpipes

We had this tip passed to us by our allotment officer and felt it was too good not to share – (thanks Fiona).

If you have a downpipe against your building it is quite possible, with a little ingenuity, to collect rainwater. Perfect for flushing toilets but please don’t drink it. You could even go a step further and get hold of or improvise a water butt. In heavy rain you can collect a lot of water this way in a short space of time.

Guardian Unlimited – speaking to the people of Cheltenham

Martin Godwin and Francesca Panetta from Guardian Unlimited find out how Cheltenham is coping without running water.

Community play holiday activities

The children and youth services team have been working tirelessly since the flooding to try and get the community play holiday activities up and running as soon as possible.

Continue reading ‘Community play holiday activities’

6,000,000 litres of water coming in each day

There are now 3,000,000 litres of bottled water and 3,000,000 litres of bowser water coming into our region each day. The Army are helping transport water across the region and are working with Severn Trent to ensure that the bowsers in our community are replenished as fast as possible.

See our emergency water supplies page for all information.
The British Army helping to distribute water across Cheltenham

Cheltenham Borough Council distributing bottled water

Seven days ago today

Stories of good will

The news stories we’re hearing about vandalism of bowsers and the theft of water are pretty disheartening. However, there are feelings of good will and kind gestures going on amongst them Take, for example, some elderly neighbours in Hester’s way. Seeing that a 25 year old woman and her children were struggling to get water from empty bowsers they offered some from their supply that had been delivered to them. The council is prioritising the delivery of water to those who are elderly and vulnerable but clearly a little sharing is going on in the community.

Bogus callers

A crisis brings out the best in people – it can also bring out the worst. There have been bogus callers taking advantage of the situation. There are reports of people saying they are checking taps, posing as council officers and calling on vulnerable people saying they are delivering water. Read the report in today’s Echo. The police have advice on beating bogus callers on their website. See our previous posting on this subject.

Five water distribution points well stocked

Our five bottled water distribution points are now well stocked with plenty of water. Each location is open 8am to 8pm.

They are located at (see a map of locations):

  • B&Q, Arle Court
  • Morrisons, Up Hatherly Way
  • Sainsbury’s, Priors Road
  • Homebase, Tewkesbury Road
  • North Place car park

If you have elderly neighbours or relatives please check up on them and if they need supplies please collect water for them too. There is no problem with collecting bottled water for others in need.

As you arrive on site please be aware that we have lorries arriving regularly and fork-lifts unloading. The council staff on hand will direct you, and if you need assistance carrying water please just ask.

The British Army helping to supply water to Cheltenham

Water being delivered by the Army, North Place car park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 2007-07-27_6314

Water being delivered by the Army, North Place car park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 2007-07-27_6316

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