Please use your toilet, not your refuse bin

The Army is distributing more bowser water over the weekend to ease sanitation problems.

Reports have reached the council’s emergency planning team of some people disposing of human excrement in their refuse bins. Barbara Exley, the council’s service manager for public protection, said:

We recognise that everyone is coping under extraordinary circumstances but this practice is simply unacceptable. It would mean that any vehicle that had been contaminated and needed maintenance would have to be steam-cleaned before the repairs could start. The consequent delays could seriously disrupt the collection service.

The lack of a running water supply is causing the community serious difficulties with sanitation. However, we are assured that more water is coming into the county and the bowsers are now being filled more regularly.

Barbara Exley continued:

Our advice is to use bowser or flood water to flush toilets. If you don’t really need to flush the toilet every time then don’t. There are no health implications from not flushing after every visit. In order to flush, make sure you fill the cistern rather than the pan with water. One way to reduce the volume of the water in the cistern and so reduce the quantity needed for each flush, is to fill a suitable plastic bottle with water and place it in the cistern.


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