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When water supplies return

If everything goes to plan it looks like the water supplies for Cheltenham will return on on Tuesday 31 July.

Read our advice page, when water supplies return.


Tour around Cheltenham’s flood damaged leisure facilities

The images and video below show Stephen Petherick the commercial manager of leisure@cheltenham touring the darkened corridors of the flood damaged leisure centre. The insurance inspectors who visited a couple of days ago described it as one of the worst hit facilities in the region. Everything is now coated in a fine layer of silt, and on the walls a tide mark that shows the extent of the water. Sprung wooden floors are bowed and distorted and equipment lies scattered where it settled when the flood waters receded.

Everyone would like to thank the wonderful community around the centre, the residents of Hudson Street, Manser Street and Tommy Taylors Lane who provided food and drinks during the night of the flood and the period afterwards. Their support has been brilliant.

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Cheltenham's devastated leisure facilities after the flood

Thank you

A thank you letter from someone who took refuge in Pittville Pump Room during on 20/21 July

Spread the word

Three things to remember today:

1. If you get the chance, turn off your mains water supply at the stop-cock

This will prevent the sudden return to mains water pressure from causing any leaks as the water powers into your domestic pipes (the stop cock is usually located under the sink, turn it off clockwise). Obviously, make sure all taps are closed, then turn the water on slowly once the mains water has returned.

However, if you cannot follow this advice, do not worry. The chances are that most people will have very few problems as the mains pressure returns.

2. The water that returns initially is not safe to drink

It cannot be used for drinking, food preparation or cleaning teeth even after boiling. We will let you know once it is safe to treat as normal.

3. Inform your neighbours, especially the elderly

Please pass on the advice above. Take time to check on any elderly relatives or neighbours and help them with these simple instructions.

Recycling banks now in place for plastic bottles

The emergency team here at Cheltenham Borough Council is pleased to confirm that five new plastic bottle recycling banks are now in place in the town.

With the thousands of plastic bottles being used during the water shortage, the council urges people to recycle the bottles. The recycling banks are situated at each of the water distribution points:

  • B&Q
  • Homebase
  • Morrison’s
  • Sainsbury’s (Priors Road)
  • North Place car park

Whilst the banks have only recently been put into place, the demand to use them is clearly very high. Teams of staff from the council are regularly emptying the banks and will continue to do so as often as possible. People are asked remove the lids from the bottles and squash them down, in order to get as many bottles into the banks as possible.

Plastic bottle for recycling

Water tankers in Cheltenham today

Monday – In addition to the hundreds of bowsers that are currently in Cheltenham, today there are also four large water tankers in town.

The tankers will be in position until 8pm this evening in the following places:

  • B&Q
  • Coronation Square
  • Cheltenham Football ground
  • Matalan

People are urged to go to one of these large tankers as a lot of water is available.

Check our emergency water supplies page for a list of all distribution sites.

Thank you

There was a good atmosphere at our water distribution centres over the weekend. We’ve heard of lots of stories like this, so we’ll let Sarah’s words speak for everyone here.

(normally Sarah works as a research and development officer here at the council)

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