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If in doubt, dial 999

Since the recent floods the Police have seen a rise in reports of offenders going door-to-door posing as ‘water board’ employees to try and trick their way into homes.

Dial 999 if suspicious callers turn up at their front door – particularly if they claim to work for the ‘water board’.

Detective Chief Inspector Geoff Brookes, said:

Be suspicious of anyone who comes to your door without a prior appointment, particularly if the person claims to work for, or on behalf of, Severn Trent or the ‘water board’. We have had several cases where offenders have used this cover story to trick householders into fiddling with pipes and taps claiming a water related emergency, allowing time for an accomplice to enter their address unseen via another entrance.

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BBC Points West film leisure@cheltenham

BBC Points West visited leisure@cheltenham today to see the damage caused by the floods. leisure@cheltenham manager, Stephen Petherick gave the film crew a tour and did an interview about the effects of the flooding.

Cheltenham's flood damaged leisure facilities

Cheltenham's flood damaged leisure facilities

Latest news about water quality

For the time being Severn Trent cannot guarantee the water safety. The situation is unprecedented; the system has never been drained down before. In the circumstances the water company is being cautious; the water coming out of the taps looks clean enough but that doesn’t mean it is safe. For the time being the best advice is to follow the information on our page, when the water supplies return – and do not drink the tap water even after boiling.

Bottled water distribution in Cheltenham

Jack and Malcolm delivering water to elderly residents in Cheltenham

The pictures and video below show two of our council depot staff delivering water to elderly residents around Cheltenham. Our depot staff have been a vital link in the supply and a friendly face for many these past few days. The oldest person they deliver to is 104!

Cheltenham Borough Council staff loading up bottled water

Cheltenham Borough Council staff delivering bottled water to elderly residents

Beware of rogue traders

The Trading Standards Service is warning flood victims to be on their guard against rogue traders, cowboy builders and repair companies exploiting their desperate plight.

Roger Marles, Head of Gloucestershire Trading Standards Service said:

Sadly, we know from previous flooding incidents here in the county and elsewhere that conmen and disreputable traders will see the floods as a golden opportunity to make easy money from desperate families.

He added:

I strongly urge householders not to employ the first trader who comes to your door offering their services, but instead seek a range of quotes from local traders with reputations to maintain.

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“I come to test the water luv…”

As the floods recede residents are being reminded by Trading Standards and the Police to beware of doorstep callers who may use the opportunity to trick householders out of their money and steal items from their houses.

They will use a variety of tactics such as testing the water, checking the electricity supply, or the gas supply or stating they need to turn the water off because of a leak further down the road.

Always ask for official identification from anyone at the door. If they are genuine they won’t mind. Don’t be embarrassed to check it thoroughly and call the company to make sure the caller is genuine.

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