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Have you seen one of these?

Water bowser

No, we couldn’t believe it either, but apparently Severn Trent can’t find all the bowsers that were distributed during the crisis. If you’ve spotted one hanging around a street corner, please let them know. Follow the link above for all the contact details.

Water distribution latest

Severn Trent are now taking over water distribution at the sites across Cheltenham. For further information please contact them on 0800 100 300 or visit our emergency water supply page for details of where the sites are located.

All homes now re-connected

The latest from Severn Trent is that all homes in Gloucestershire have now been re-connected with a non-drinkable mains supply.

Martin Kane, Severn Trent’s director of customer services:

We must continue to remind customers that any restored supplies must not be used for drinking, even after boiling. But it’s perfectly safe to use for showering, bathing, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

…Meanwhile, we are sampling tap water intensively over the weekend and beyond to ensure we can get customers back onto a drinkable supply as soon as possible next week.

As always, please take a look at our page, emergency water supplies for locations of bowsers and bottles and when the water supplies return, for what we can and can’t yet do with the clear stuff.

Urgent – volunteers required

Despite water being returned to many properties over the next few days there is still the urgent need for volunteers. If you can spare any time to distribute water at one of the five distribution centres then please contact the Volunteers Bureau on 01242 257727.

Water tankers in Cheltenham today

Monday – In addition to the hundreds of bowsers that are currently in Cheltenham, today there are also four large water tankers in town.

The tankers will be in position until 8pm this evening in the following places:

  • B&Q
  • Coronation Square
  • Cheltenham Football ground
  • Matalan

People are urged to go to one of these large tankers as a lot of water is available.

Check our emergency water supplies page for a list of all distribution sites.

Headlines from the over weekend

Bottled water awaiting distribution to the Cheltenham community

Water reconnection timetable

The Gloucestershire Echo has published the water switch-on timetable for all areas cut off by the flooding. Cheltenham is scheduled to have its supply restored on Tuesday.

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